Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a revolutionary low-cost credit-card-sized Single-Board Computer (SBC) developed by the Raspberry Pi foundation and released in February 2012. It was created with the intention of promoting basic computer science in schools but has become so popular it is used in a wide variety of applications from science and technology to electronic DIY projects. The beauty of the Raspberry Pi is that it is a self-contained 'single-board computer' with a processor, memory, USB ports and many other features. The computer is powered by an ARM1176JZF-S processor running at 700 MHz which makes it a powerful enough platform to run many of the same programs used on PCs. In addition at a price tag of £35 pounds it is one of the cheapest Linux machines available making it the perfect minicomputer for hobbyists all over the world.

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Box for the Raspberry Pi
The transparent Raspberry Pi box enclosure is an ideal way to showcase your Raspberry Pi. It simply ..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Copper Heat Sink
These tiny little copper heatsinks are perfect for cooling off small surface-mount components. They ..
Ex Tax: £0.99
DAC+ – Improve your sound
Conforming to the Raspberry Pi hardware-attached-on-top (HAT) specification, the HiFiBerry DAC+ is a..
Ex Tax: £29.90
Hifi Berry Case
To show their support for open source projects, the plan for the HiFiBerry case itself is open ..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Humble Pi Prototyping Board
The Humble Pi is is a full size electronics prototyping board for the popular Raspberry Pi mini comp..
Ex Tax: £4.99
The Pi-DAC+ audio card for the Raspberry Pi B+ delivers outstanding sonic performance and full-..
Ex Tax: £31.50
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