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We spend hours with technological devices every day, yet most of us don’t know how they work. Formed in 2013 and based in Derry City in the UK, the aim of LimeTrace Electronics is to educate the Makers of tomorrow through Open Source Hardware (OSHW), software and kits.

In case you are wondering where the name came from, 'LimeTrace' is a combination of 'Lime' and 'Trace' and refers to the colour of the tracks or 'traces' on a circuit board. These are usually green in colour due to the *solder mask applied. We deliver the tools you need to fix, make and hack your unique Electronic and DIY projects to life. Feel free to drop us a line via the contacts page if you have any technical questions or queries and we'd be happy to help.   

*Solder mask is a thin lacquer-like layer of polymer that is typically applied to the copper traces of a PCB for protection against oxidation and the formation of solder bridges between closely spaced solder pads. 

Photograph of a PCB with green solder mask.

(Courtesy of Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Solderedjoint.jpg)

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