Ciseco SRF Shield - Wireless Transceiver for all Arduino Types

Ciseco SRF Shield - Wireless Transceiver for all Arduino Types
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The Ciseco SRF shield is a low power wireless transceiver aimed at building wireless sensors and actuators. It’s a plug and play add-on for all Arduino style prototyping boards.  It’s exceptionally easy to use and will work out-of-the-box with no configuration. It achieves a greater range at lower power than WiFi, Zigbee and Bluetooth. It is a proven technology with over 40 million hours usage in the field and supports LLAP which is one of the easiest ways to talk to Internet of Things nodes. Example sketches can be downloaded for free; this means you can build and sell your own IoT devices which can be networked with off the shelf products.


  • Range: 100m – with the on-board chip antenna or up to 1km using an external antenna
  • Air data rate: 250Kbps over the air (can be configured)
  • Serial data rate: 115,200bps (can be configured)
  • Encryption: 128 bit AES (off by default)
  • Different networks: 65,000 (selectable PANID)
  • Network types: Point to point, point to multipoint, multipoint to point and multipoint to multipoint.
  • Thousands of software examples: Any Arduino project that uses the XBee for serial comms will work the same.
  • Over the air programming: You can program your Arduino straight from the IDE without any hardware hacks or screamer software.
  • Jumper free uploads: No need to remove the shield, change jumpers or flip switches when doing uploads (most XBee shields do).
  • Dimensions: 69mm x 53.5mm x 12mm
  • Datasheet:Ciseco SRF shield datasheet

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