M-DUINO21 PLC Arduino 21 I/Os Analog/Digital

M-DUINO21 PLC Arduino 21 I/Os Analog/Digital
M-DUINO21 PLC Arduino 21 I/Os Analog/Digital M-DUINO21 PLC Arduino 21 I/Os Analog/Digital
Brand: Industrial Shields
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The M-DUINO21 modular PLC is based on Arduino technology and designed by Industrial Shields for professional use. Industrial Shield products provide low cost equipment, based on licensed Open Source technology which is adapted for safe use in industrial environments. The M-DUINO21 provides capacity for 21 I/O connections that can expanded to include up to 127 additional modules through I2C. This makes it possible to have up to 7100 inputs/outputs in Master-Slave configuration. It provides Ethernet connectivity, enabling the equipment to be remotely monitored.  

The PLC can be programmed using the Arduino IDE platform, which can be downloaded for free. The PLC M-DUINO is programmed through USB which offers immediate access to code for maintenance and control allowing continuous monitoring of the status for all the variables, inputs, outputs, etc. The PLC is compatible with the ARDBOX range of products and the Touchberry Pi. It also takes advantage of the large selection of libraries already available to Arduino developers to ensure high performance. 


Technical Specifications

  • Input/Output (21 I/Os) (Arduino Mega included)
  • 13 Input
  • 8 Output
  • (1x) USB port (type B).
  • (1x) I2C port (allows connection of additional modules: I/Os, other PLC Ardbox, sensors, ...etc)*
  • (4x) Serial ports (RS232, RS485)*
  • (1x) Modbus Bus*
  • (1x) Ethernet Port
  • (6x) Analogic/digital which are configurable by Jumpers and software1
  • (5x) Digital PNP
  • (2x) Digital Interrupt
  • (3x) Digital/analogic/PWM configurable by Jumpers and software1
  • (5x) Digital PNP
  • Max power consumption: 1.2A
  • Flash Memory: 256kB (8kB is used for the bootloader)
  • SRAM: 8kB
  • EEPROM: 4kB
  • Clock Speed: 16MHz


Please note

  • 1 Refer to the manual to configure the signal type.
  • * An accessory product is required.
  • The price includes a delivery charge of £20. This is negotiable based on order size. 

For further details on the M-DUINO21, please refer to M-DUINO 21 I/O.

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