Sugru Self-Setting Rubber SMLT8

Sugru Self-Setting Rubber SMLT8
Brand: Sugru
Product Code: SMLT8
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Sugru is the incredible new self-setting rubber for fixing and improving your stuff, and making it work better for you. It bonds to almost anything and turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber overnight. Sugru is formed by hand or with simple tools. It feels like modelling clay. Once cured, its durable properties mean it's comfortable in the harshest of environments. This 8 Mini pack consists of 8 individual pouches of Sugru in Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & White colours.


  • Easily shaped - It can be shaped by hand for up to 30 minutes.
  • Sticks to almost anything - Forms strong bonds with aluminium steel, ceramics, glass, wood and other materials including plastic and silicone.
  • Cures at air temperature - Uses the moisture in the air to cure to a tough, flexible silicone.
  • Strong and durable - Sugru can withstand anything the weather can throw at it, heat, coldness, wet or dry. 
  • Flexible - Sugru becomes a flexible rubber when cured, ideal for repairing things that need to bend or move such as cables.
  • Soft and grippy - Due to it's silicone nature, it feels soft to the touch, but also 'grippy'.
  • Temperature resistant - Sugru is resistant to temperatures from -50C to 180C and does not get softer or harder.
  • Waterproof - Being similar to silicone rubber, it is completely waterproof.
  • Removable - Once cured, Sugru can be removed by cutting it off with a sharp knife and cleaning the residue with tissue.



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